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Hippocrates said: "Let food be your medicine and medicine your food." This timeless principle underlies our approach to health and wellness, and has been explored in exciting new ways such as Georgetown University's Food as Medicine program. Our journey has led to the application of new technological advances to ancient natural health regimes. In this understanding we have found that in addition to solid food, water is food as the great Iranian researcher Dr. Batmanghelidh discovered, advancing the knowledge that the quality of intra-cellular water governs cellular metabolism. Fermented foods, such as goat's milk kefir, have long been a staple of ancient cultures like the people of the Caucasus region. They lived on hydrogen-rich, pure water, foods grown in soil that was rich in humates, and naturally fermented kefirs that contributed to remarkably great longevity. With this ancient goat-milk kefir we have found that the freeze-drying process adds shelf life while preserving the vitality of the life-giving and nourishing microorganisms. With water we have found that application of laser technology and the use of ancient mineral deposits, along with hydrogen can combine to produce "living waters." With regard to molecular hydrogen, our experience began in 2008, working with Dr. HIdemitsu Hayashi in pioneering the use of hydrogen in drinking water with passive mineral products in the US via our HydrogenRich Water Group. Since that time there has been a growth in the study of the use of hydrogen as molecular antioxidant from 5 published papers in those days to some 500 peer-reviewed studies today on therapeutic applications of hydrogen. Finally, we have worked with the finest soluble liquid humates, in the form of humic/fulvic acid to remedy the mineral deficiency we all experience as a result of the massive depletion of our soils. Together, living waters and living foods promise to be a primary key to our health in the future.



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HydrogenRich Water Stick
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Myces SB 5000 Kefir Probiotic
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