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Volume purchasing, private labeling, and factory direct global delivery for health professionals and product marketers

Years of work in the field of holistic health has enabled us to develop close and trusted business relationships so that all of our products are direct from the factory and most are proprietary. This in turn allows us to expand our services to our customers in order to make sure these unique and very fine products are able to reach more health care practitioners and end users. We welcome your inquiries to look into how we might serve your business and expand your offerings to your patients and clients.


With the highly refined natural and non-invasive products we carry, it is important that discriminating and caring practitioners and companies are able in turn to offer them to their clients and customers, especially as the effectiveness in each area of our functional foods greatly surpasses that of our product competitors. It is important for you, our customers and potential customers, to know that laboratory, clinical, and home trial of these products, along with their status as generally regarded as safe (GRAS), has proven them to be synergistic with, thereby augmenting the beneficial effects of other food supplements your customers may already be taking. There are some so advanced that they greatly exceed the effectiveness of their competitors. For this reason we do hope to enter into dialog with you to see how we may make a significant addition to what you already offer to those you serve.

Global desirability of our unique product line and international manufacture facilitates your potential in foreign markets and there are currently not market exclusives which would inhibit your freedom to ship to facilities anywhere in the world.

The identification of your business to your clients and your reputation for integrity may make it critical to maintain your brand identity through private labeling. This is possible for virtually all of our products with each having an MOQ for labeling.

Bulk purchasing of our liquid food and water products in food grade totes can greatly reduce your costs and allow you to use your own bottling and labeling to further reduce any production expenses and increase profits.

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Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions about product information, reports on product effectiveness, or if you would like more info on how you may add any of our products to your office, clinic, store, or on line business. We are always happy to make new partners and help others succeed.


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