Relax FIR Sauna is the Only Sauna in the World with Revolutionary Ceramic Semi-Conductor Technology

What does this mean? It is the only FIR sauna that gives you 95% + Far Infrared Light in the healing range, versus all other FIR saunas are usually in the 30-40% range. Plus, these patented semi-conductors are designed to filter out ALL non-Far Infrared Light! That means no electromagnetic smog, no waiting for the sauna to heat up.

Relax Fir

Enjoy a Professional Sauna in your home.

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Customer Testimonials

Since starting the sauna four days ago, I am sleeping soundly and have already noticed more energy. It is the calm/relaxed Carol I don't recognize. NEVER have things been this way. I shy away from activities like Yoga and Meditation. I like things that can be done quickly like workout on the treadmill. I have actually put aside my book while using the sauna and just kicked back and I NEVER skip a moment to read. And the relaxed feeling stays with me all day. I like the new me.

Carol M, Connecticut

Did extra physical activity - raking in the yard, two and a half times what I normally do - and at age 67 I didn't pay a price the next day. Very surprised.


I am amazed that all this could be seen in just a few days! This morning I got on the scale. I was 173 just a few days ago and the scale read 165 today. It is impossible that I lost 8 lbs. in a few days. I'll keep you posted on this.


How it Works

Step One

Order your sauna it will usually ship in 1-2 days via FedEx ground for a flat rate of $50!

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Step Two

Unpack your sauna, let the tent pop-up, place the 2 radiators on the foot pad and place inside the tent. Place the 2 rods in the holders on the foot plate to hold the tent open like a box. Place your temperature control outside the tent on the side with a piece of clear plastic. Secure it to the pole that is inside. You're done!

Step Three

Get in, clothed or unclothed, zip up, and you will immediately feel the healing Far Infrared Light energy circulating around your body as it bounces off the special tent material designed for that purpose. Most folks begin sweating in 10 min. Because the 40 semi-conductors are so efficient and provide 98% FIR Light you can get therapeutic benefit in just 10-15 minutes! But treat yourself to stay 30-60 minutes! Then after the FIR ends allow yourself to sit and enjoy the continued release of sweat and toxins to pour out from your body while you are still warm and toasty inside. Get out. Take a shower and enjoy the extra energy and fresh feeling of a good detox! Feel light, slimmer and cleaner!