Science and Optimal Health

Our Biological Terrain

     The last century of research into human biology has resulted in a revolution in our understanding of what are the firm foundations of good health upon which we can build a life of vigorous and robust well-being. Our approach has been to try to get to the source and utilize the fundamentals that can augment and restore the physiological processes that lie at the heart of homeostasis of as we would better term it: homeodynamics. In the coming days we will add basic nutritional science to this page with many links to other web sites to help you, our customer, to acquire the knowledge you need in nourishing your body and giving it optimal support for your own total health. Here is a place you can begin your investigation of the underlying milieu that lays the foundation for your wellness, an article by Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky, on the subject of Biological Terrain, which is your primary constitutional strength. While conventional medicine still adheres to Pasteur's germ theory, and the practice of medicine holds to that paradigm, it should be remembered that on his deathbed, Pasteur is reported to have said, "the microbe is nothing, terrain is all.” He had come to realize that Claude Bernard was correct when he had argued that both disease and germs emerged only after the internal milieu or chemistry of a person was out of balance.

Our search has been to find fundamentals that hold universal promise and can establish or restore the greatest health to all people. The foundations of excellent health are truly universal and can be seen in the hierarchical design of the human organism. A body that is relatively free of toxic elements and receives all of the material and energetic elements it requires, along with the purest living water for cellular metabolism is more likely to respond to environmental challenges in a robust way. Of course, exercise is a necessary component of support as well. As with Chinese medicine, our approach to the use of food, water, minerals, bacteria, em fields, and light, is all based on restoring balance and the natural order which sets the stage for the organism to return to a healthful state. It is not in the endless plying of nutrient upon nutrient that we can find our way back to good health. Only by supporting the body in its functional design, by using functional foods, functional water, and the correct signaling of mineral signatures, em frequencies and light waves, that this can be done.

On this philosophical and scientific foundation we understand the masterful principle that less is more.